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Trowbridge Town Council Leader’s articles – “Wiltshire Council or The Town Council?”

Posted: 20.10.20 by Cllr Stewart Palmen Leader of Trowbridge Town Council  Opinion

THIS article is a short article to help explain the differences in responsibilities between Trowbridge Town Council and Wiltshire Council and who does...

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Trowbridge Town Council Leader’s Articles - The asset to the town that is The Civic

Posted: 12.10.20 by Stewart Palmen Leader of Trowbridge Town Council Opinion

This is a short article on Trowbridge's Civic Centre. I am starting with a little potted history. When I first joined the Town Council over te...

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Cllr Antonio Piazza's view concerning the Trowbridge Town Council debt saga

Posted: 09.10.20 by The Editor Opinion

ON Tuesday, columnist Cllr David Cavill put his views on why Trowbridge Town Council has such a large debt. Now here is an opposite view which come...

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Speaker's Corner - Trowbridge Town Council's debt explained

Posted: 06.10.20 by Cllr David Cavill FRSA Opinion

ALBERT Einstein once said 'Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value, said Albert Einstein'. I was a head of department...

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Column. The Trowbridge Town Council Leader’s articles - Town Council committees explained

Posted: 05.10.20 by Stewart Palmen Leader of Trowbridge Town Council Opinion

FOLLOWING last week’s article, here I aim to explain how the Town Council is structured into different service areas with committees to provide over...

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Speakers Corner - Why I pay little attention to the Anti-Vaxers

Posted: 29.09.20 by Cllr David Cavill FRSA Opinion

I AM becoming increasingly concerned about the wave of support from those who have become known as the ‘Anti-Vaxers’, for it has become cl...

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Why I brought a motion to Trowbridge Town Council about personal attacks and racism

Posted: 28.09.20 by Cllr Antonio Piazza Opinion

I AM really pleased that my motion was passed (at Trowbridge Town Council) which asked the council to reaffirm its position and commit itself to the h...

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Commons Knowledge with Dr Andrew Murrison MP - Where Trowbridge stands in the current scheme of things

Posted: 25.09.20 by Dr Andrew Murrison MP Opinion

FIRSTLY, can I welcome Nub News to Trowbridge and wish Gary all the best in his mission to bring informative content to the county town.   A...

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Speakers’ Corner with David Cavill FRSA - Why YOU are needed as a local councillor

Posted: 14.09.20 by David Cavill FRSA  Opinion

THE PRESS is full of criticism of the Government, although this is not ‘news’ for whatever party (or coalition of parties for that matter)...

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'There is no such thing as free parking' - questions on the big Trowbridge multi-storey debate answered

Posted: 04.09.20 by Stewart Palmen Leader of Trowbridge Town Council Opinion

A FEW weeks ago, I spoke in more detail about what the Future High Street Fund could do for Trowbridge if Wiltshire Council are successful in their bi...

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